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Email Marketing

MYASTRO STORE through its partners offers solutions that redefine Email Marketing. Our Digital Email Marketing suite also includes Promotional and Transactional Email Marketing.

Email marketing is used by marketers to connect with their customers and prospects at a personal level. It enables marketers to maintain brand recall and engage customers on an on-going basis. Email marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to communicate with prospective and existing customers. The key objective of email marketing for most businesses is to create visibility, and brand awareness.  Other major benefits of email marketing include new customer acquisition. Email marketing has proved to be effective in promoting online products and services. This involves sending promotional emails to potential consumers.

  • With email marketing, you can now leverage the most robust and reliable marketing channel to keep your customers engaged, through highly contextual promotional and transactional content at scale!

  • Effortlessly automate the delivery of highly personalized email content relevant to identified customer segments on the basis of their historical behavior, using a variety of default templates. Orchestrate emails triggered by customer actions in real-time.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of every email campaign that you run with a host of data-rich metrics such as open rates, optimal days and times, campaign trends, etc. that become your single source of truth on marketing performance.

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