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How to rank YouTube videos?

We are going to reveal the techniques by which you can get a good ranking on youtube videos. These techniques are used by me to grow my channel. You can use these techniques to increase subscribers and views on your youtube channel. When a person starts a new channel he has to struggle a lot to increase subscribers and views on his channel. But we are going to tell you the authentic and quick cheats to grow your channel in a very short time period. Here are some of the best techniques that you can use to get a high ranking for your channel:


Deep research of the youtube keywords

First of all, choose the keywords that are having a good number of searches. The most viewed keywords must be shortlisted. Only the right keywords can help you in getting high ranking for your channel. You just have to type the first word of the topic of your video youtube will itself suggest you the keywords that are very much searched by the people. You will not have to do anything to know which keywords are having high traffic. The main thing that matters for SEO is the optimization of the keywords. This is the most important part of Social Media Optimization. Any video which is tagged with popular keywords gets more and more views. You can also check the popular videos related to your video's content. In the top videos, you can get idea of the popular keywords that are tagged for that video. You can use VidIQ Chrome Extension to see the tags of the video. Now you have made a list of the keywords so you have to check the competition level of the keywords. You have to choose that keyword which is heavily searched and which is having low-level competition. You just target the keywords that are having less competition. It will help you in increasing subscribers and views for you channel.  If your video ranks on Google then it will get multiple more views on your video. You will have to optimize your video on Google around the keywords that are already having good results. You can use Google keyword planner to check the searches of the particular keyword. You can attain high-quality views by using this technique.

Upload Only High Retention Videos

Keep the people watch your videos constantly one by one. When all your audience is following your vides, in the same manner, it will keep you in the ranking. This is the main reason that youtube will keep you in the ranking. When you are able to keep the people on youtube to see your videos it will keep you in top rankings. Youtube put ads on such videos if your video is fulfilling its purpose it will keep you in top searches. To produce high retention video you need very strong content. Your video must be informative and easy to understand. Such kind of videos keeps the audience engaged on the youtube. Your video must have something that people like. It is not true that people watch only high-quality videos for which the production house level is needed. You can make your video simply but the content must be interesting. You must be thinking that youtube also gives ranking according to the back-links but it is not true because youtube gives ranking to the video by evaluating the Retention of the audience. The comments section of the video is also very important for the ranking because if someone gives the comment that he or she really enjoyed the video it will take you on the top rankings. You must encourage the viewers of your video to leave a comment on your video. A number of subscribers of your channel also gives a huge message to the youtube. So in your video, you can ask people to subscribe to your channel.

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