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Top 10 On-Page tricks to Rank 1 on Google

Tips to make your Website SEO page on point:


Only a well crafted and professionally designed website can give accurate results of SEO. Proper designed Website can make the users happy and understand that what your website is about.


Search Engine optimization-On Page

If you are wishing to attain top positions on Google for your website then on-page SEO must be maintained properly. On-page SEO helps in attaining traffic on your website. When a person visits your website he or she will love to click more and more if the visitor’s need is getting fulfilled. This means he is getting appropriate information on your website. The visitor will access more if he is getting proper information he is searching for. The visitor wants to access more on user-friendly websites. The content must be easy to understand and it should be informative.

Here are some of the tips that can help you in enhancing your On-page SEO:


1. Title Tags


The first thing that approaches to the visitor of your website is Title Tags. It is the most important thing that can take the visitor to your website. You must take off one thing that Title Tag must be able to describe your page in a few words. If the title is clear to the viewer then he will visit your website. Title Tag is very important to increase traffic on your website. The Title must be according to the keywords that are related to your page. The most important thing is to use less than 55 characters for choosing your title because after that the visitor will not be able to see the complete Title.

2. Header Tags

When anyone visits your webpage it takes few seconds to get his or her attention. The header must be able to attain the attention of the visitor and the header should describe your web-page in a detailed manner. Most important information should be given in the header and rest you can explain in your page. Header-1 should be used only to explain the information provided on your page and the subtitles can be used in Header-2. All the headers must be included by the keywords you are going to target for SEO. Users are impressed by the short Headers.

3. Meta Description Tags

Meta Tag is the description of your page it describes what kind of information is available on your page. If the viewer is getting a clear idea of the information provided on the page then he or she will proceed towards your web-page. Choosing appropriate words according to the keyword for Meta Tags is the mandatory task. It helps in making a good impression before the visitor. You have to explain in a few words what kind of information is available on the web-page. If you want to show complete description then please take care that your description is below the 155 characters.

4. ALT Tags

For optimizing the pictures available on your web-page ALT Tags are used. You must save the images according to the keywords present in the web-page. ALT text must contain the keywords chosen for the images. This process will help you in keeping up rank in image searching and it will also rank your web-page. Do not avoid ALT Tags for a better response.

5. Content -

Your content must be unique and original. Only informative and easy content is needed to get a great response. The information that you are going to give through your web-page should be mentioned in easy language so that the visitor can understand it in a good manner. Your content must deliver the message in a detailed manner. Content is the most important thing that helps in attaining traffic for your web-page.

6. URL

URL must be chosen according to the web-page. It must be able to define what kind of information is available on your web-page. URL must have the ability to describe the information available on your web-page. The viewer must get an idea by reading the URL that what information is present on your web-page. Choose a short URL because a small URL is search engine friendly. It is also helpful to the user because the user can guess what kind of information is present on your website.

7. Internal Linking

The most important thing to attain traffic on your web-page is internal linking. These Links generate traffic on your website. It also boosts your keyword ranking on Google. You can make multiple links for your website. More and more links are very good for your website. Indexing of the pages is a must for SEO of your website.

8. Keyword Density

Keyword desist means how many times your keyword is present in the content written on the website. If the content is of 500 words then the keyword must appear for the five times in the content. You must keep a balance of keyword in the content. You can also use variations for your target keyword. Write the content of the website according to the keyword density.

9. Fixing Errors

You must keep yourself active for fixing the errors of your website. You must keep checking your website frequently.  If there are errors in your web-site then it will put a negative impact on the website ranking. Keep mending the broken links, remove duplicate pages, and remove duplicate titles and Meta Descriptions. You have to keep your website upgraded by time to time.

10. Tracking your Data

Tracking your data is also one of the essential tasks. You must have to analyze the tasks you did for your web-site and have to take care of the progress of the website. Just add Google Analytics tracking code to your web-site to take hold of your whole data. You must also add Google and Bing webmaster tools to your website. These tools will help you in evaluating your On-Page validation. 

Top 10 On-Page tricks to Rank 1 on Googl
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