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15 Powerful Off-Page SEO Strategies-2020

When you are wishing to take your website on the top ranking positions to increase traffic on your website then SEO techniques used. Here we are going to reveal the latest and very useful techniques. This field is divided into three important parts:

  1. Technical SEO.

  2. Off-Page SEO.

  3. On-Page SEO.


Technical Search engine optimization

This part includes Domain and hosting and it also includes the overall registration of your website. The team chooses the URL and decides the time period for registration of the website. The speed of loading the website, robot, txt optimization and proper customization of error 404 is also decided in this part. Many things are analyzed before reaching any kind of conclusion.  

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

The tasks that we do for our website such as titling, content writing, imaging, link building, keywords stuffing comes in this part. Off-Page techniques are used to make your website search engine friendly.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page Search Engine Optimization is done to keep your website on the top searches on Google, Bing, etc. In this part, links are spread on the other websites to take traffic. By making links on other websites you will be able to take the user of that website to your website. It increases the traffic on your website.

15 useful tips that will help you:


1. Amazing content


The first thing that approaches to the visitor of your website is Title Tags. It is the most important thing that can take the visitor to your website. You must take off one thing that Title Tag must be able to describe your page in a few words. If the title is clear to the viewer then he will visit your website the main thing that matters a lot in SEO is amazing content. The language of the content should be simple so that everyone can understand it. The content must be to the point and informative. The information must be given properly in the content. You can use images in the content to reveal the information.te. Title Tag is very important to increase traffic on your website. The Title must be according to the keywords that are related to your page. The most important thing is to use less than 55 characters for choosing your title because after that the visitor will not be able to see the complete Title.

2. Guest Posting

There are many websites that publish impressive and informative content. You can also contribute to such websites by sharing your blogs or other content. This is a very good platform if you are wishing to get traffic on your website. It also helps in enhancing the ranking of your website. Your content must be easy and giving accurate and authentic information.

3. Social Media

Being active on Social Media is the most important Off-page SEO part. You can make your website more and more popular with the help of Social Media. You can attain visitors to your website by contributing to Social Media. This will help you in increasing traffic on your website. Links are very important for SEO and Social Media is the best place where you can create several links for your website.

4. Connection with Forums


To get good results for SEO it is important to make a connection with the Forums who are also involved in a similar business that you are doing. Follow these Forums and give answers to the people who are posting their questions. You also give your suggestions and also reply to the threads.

5. Bookmarking

To promote your website bookmarking is the most important part. It is the best way to get the promotion of your website. There are many popular bookmarking websites where you can bookmark your webpage or blog. By using these websites you can increase traffic on your webpage. As much as you will get traffic on your website your business will increase.

6. Article Submission

Article submission on the high PR article submission directory is also very helpful for the SEO.  Frequently submit articles on high PR article submission directories. Do not forget to include the links of your website in these articles that you are submitting on high PR article submission directories. Take care that low-quality content and the content that is having many keywords can get rejected. Your title must be able to reveal what kind of information is provided in your article.

7. Questioning and Answering

You can get high traffic on your website by using questioning answering on high PR websites. You just find out the questions that are related to your business and then answer those questions in an appropriate manner so that the visitor can get some knowledge and answer to the question clearly. Use simple language so that anyone can understand the answer in a better manner.

8. Image submission

This is also one of the best parts of SEO to submit photos on the high PR websites. Just take care of the size of the picture before uploading it. You must tag the picture in the right manner. Give an appropriate title to the photo and also add a description for the photo. This manner also helps in getting traffic to your website and it also increases the ranking of the website.

9. Document sharing

You have to create an impressive and attractive document related to your business. The content must be attractive and it must be understood by everyone. You can also use PPT or PDF formats to create a document. Share these documents on the document sharing websites. This is a very powerful method to attract visitors to your websites.

10. Web 2.0 submission

By submitting 2.0 we can create a subdomain on the high authority website to get good results. Word-press,, blogger, tumbler, etc. are very good platforms where you can submit your web 2.0 to get good results.

11. Google My Business

It is a free product provided by Google that you can use. You can smartly optimize content to get 20 best local SEO rankings. It is the best method to attain social traffic and for brand awareness. You can submit your content and can get a link from many websites. It will increase traffic on your website and will be good for the ranking purpose also.

12. Press Release

The press release is a document meant for the media and it is used to announce updates and new services. You must submit press releases on the different High PR websites to gain a number of visitors on your website. This method will also helpful for SEO. You will get high traffic on your website by creating links with high profile websites.

13. Infographics Submission

You must use very creative infographics to get the desired result. Infographics are very popular on the internet these days. There are many infographic websites are available where you can submit your infographic. These websites will provide you a very wide number of people where you can get more and more visitors on your website.

14. Video Submission


You can make your videos popular by sharing and submitting them on the websites which are having very high PR. You have to give the proper title for the video. You will have to tag your video in an appropriate manner. You can also give reference links. This is one of the ways by which you can get a high-quality link for your website.

15. Advertisement

To enhance traffic on your website you can go for Google ad word also. There are several campaigns available with Google for advertisement. The best campaigns are PPC and PPV. PPC means pay per click and PPV means pay per view. This is the fastest method to increase traffic on your website.

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